Growing hemp

CBD hemp varieties offered by our company are intended for medical and botanical purposes. Our plants present low THC values and high CBD values. Therefore we are not talking about a psychoactive effect but a relaxing CBD effect.

Why grow from clones?

  • The main advantages are saving time and saving money for energy, nutrition, etc.
  • 100% guaranteed feminised clones.
  • Up to five harvests per year.
  • A precise selection of mother plants ensures a successful harvest.

When growing from seeds, often some of them do not germinate at all. This problem does not exist with clones. All our customers are entitled to 5% extra clones.

Order CBD clones today.

In order to grow happily, each plant needs:


At the start, the light cycle is 18 hours and the dark cycle (sleeping) is 6 hours. Approximately after 5 days, the cycle changes to 12/12, light/dark.

Growth medium

Growth medium is a soil where the hemp grows. For beginners we recommend buying soil with added compost intended for hemp growing. Available in every grow shop.


Ideally, there should be constant air flow in the room. This will ensure strong and healthy plants, resulting in high yields.


Young plants should be kept in temperatures between 20°C and 30°C. Plants that have already started flowering need temperatures between 18°C and 26°C. During the sleeping cycle, the temperature shouldn’t be lower than 18°C


You can purchase pre-mixed packages, which you just add to the water you use for the plants.


Same as any other plant, hemp needs water in order to survive. It is important that the water has the right pH. The pH of the watering should stay within the values of 5.8-6.5 pH.

Hemp drying

To preserve the intensive scent, we recommend slow drying, flower down, in a dark, dry and cold room until the stem starts cracking when bent.